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Kaowool Rigidizer Spray

Kaowool Rigidizer is a popular colloidal silica compound for treating surfaces of ceramic fiber refractory products (inswool, forge insulation blanket). It provides a degree of surface hardness, stiffness, and resistance to erosion.


Use in conjunction with ITC 100 HT.

  • While Rigidizer can't fully withstand metal welding heat, it is very popular when applying ITC 100HT.
  • Application of the famous ITC 100 ceramic reflective paint coating to Kaowool (or similar) is simply easier after it is rigidized. (It makes it less like trying to paint cotton balls).  
  • ITC itself is rated to 5000 °F, and by reflecting the heat from the surface of the wool, it tremendously increases forge efficiency.
  • ITC further preserves the properties of the Rigidizer and the thermal wool by mitigating the heat transferred from the firebox.


  • Increases surface hardness and resistance to erosion.
  • Easily applied by brushing or spraying.
  •  A little goes a long way.


  • 250 ml bottle with a pump spray nozzle.

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Rigidizer is at high risk of freezing once temps reach below 0°C. Once it freezes it will crystallize, and even when thawed it WILL NOT revert back to its original consistency and is rendered useless. 

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