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Kaowool 2500°F Insulating HARD set Putty (Ready to Use)

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A Light, Versatile, easy, ready-to-use putty that dries Hard, Strong with Outstanding insulating qualities.  

It is ideal for filling gaps between bricks, wool, burners, steel, and board, where you want a VERY LIGHTWEIGHT Putty that turns from a light tan to a bright white as it dries to its HARD final INSULATING form. 

Once cured, this Kaowool Putty is as light as a feather yet remains strong enough to withstand 75 lbs per square inch of compression pressure.  Though as hard as wood, it is as light as Styrofoam SM insulation.      

Good Strength and vibration resistance.  It's a void filler, not an adhesive.  It does not adhere to anything.  It dries hard and is held in place by its mechanical fit.  Great for sealing gaps around burners.  Shrinkage is negligible even up to the max heat of Propane Forges.

It insulates as impressively as Refractory Wool, and it is much lighter than most classic castable refractories.

Available in convenient and very affordable sizes at Canadian Forge for small repairs and projects.  Light brown while wet but dries white.  Uniquely able to tolerate freeze-thaw cycles in its redi mix form.  It can be coated with ITC-100 for additional heat conservation.


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