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Jon Nunn Driving Hammer

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Jon Nunn Driving Hammers are manufactured from high-quality H13 tool steel and are made to strict specifications. A collaborative effort between Jon Nunn, his son Joshua, manufactured by Jim Blurton. 

The unique design delivers precise point of force hammer blows when driving the nail. The angled head increase the velocity of the striking arc. It has a precisely engineered claw which cuts through the nail shank smoothly. The hammer design allows the nails to be pulled from the shoe with the claw.

Designed for ease and efficiency with minimal force required. Much appreciated by nail shy horses as this means more direct force and less prolonged concussive force is transferred to the foot. The shaped high quality long shaft reduces trauma to the users joints and muscles and can be shortened as necessary. A long neck design keeps the shaft tighter for longer. Quick to become your go to.

Styles Available:

  • Short
  • Long

Made in the UK.

Sold individually.


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