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Jon Atkinson Drop Blade Knife

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Jon's designed his drop blade knife with ease of use and durability in mind. The comfortable ergonomic hardwood handle sits perfectly in your hand.

These are the ONLY farrier's knife in the world market that are 100% made in the UK, so you know you're getting a premium product designed by Jon.

They're handmade in Yorkshire by a top quality knife maker. Heat treated and then professionally sharpened . They arrive to Jon's forge for him to inspect, test, and approve them.

The blade is extremely strong without being brittle & holds its edge like a dream. Jon has designed the handle with 3 brass rivets equally spaced, and the blade running through three quarters of the handle. This eliminates any risk of the blade becoming loose in the handle over time.

Styles Available:

  • Left Hand
  • Right Hand

Made in the UK.

Sold individually.


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