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160 lb Shaper (Longhorn) Anvil by JHM

JHM Professional USA-made Shaper Anvil hasTHE LONGEST HORN and is the second longest anvil in the entire JHM lineup.  The260 lb Competitor is the only one longer".

Purchase Now:  Note - If not in stock please allow 2-8 weeks for arrival.

The absence of a clip horn provides maximum shaping clearance and space.

In 20 years I've been pleased with every JHM anvil we've bought, or used.  I've had other anvils, chip, break, be too soft or even shatter, but JHM has been the gold standard of consistency, quality, and reliability.

JHM ANVILS: Made of the highest quality specially alloyed steel (no, not cast iron!), with meticulous craftsmanship to microscopic standards, from the molding, the pour, quenching, machining, and heat treating, the process is perfected to create JHM anvils, their famous working surface, in a traditional tool built and revered worldwide. 

This 160 lb JHM 'Shaper' Anvil boasts a traditional round horn popular with both blacksmiths & farriers.  Its working face nears that of the 200 lb JHM Legend, but the shaper has a more refined heel and throat.

  • Overall Length: 30"
  • Long Horn ~13" (12.75")
  • Face: 17.25" x 4.25"
  • Height: 11.5"
  • Base: 11.75 x 9"
  • Hardie hole: 1"
  • Pritchel Hole: 1/2"

This 160 lb Anvil is too heavy for regular couriers so choose 'in-store pick-up' at check out and if you need delivery quotes we'll call you with options we have behind the scenes that are usually at surprisingly good values, relaxed knowing you'll always have the option to cancel.  


It's recommended to dress the anvil's edges to a slight radius to help prevent sharp edges from cracking or chipping, especially by off strikes.  Wear eye protection near any working anvil. (Video Coming Soon).

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