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100 lb Certifier Anvil by JHM

Sorry, all of our Certifiers have sold quickly Let us know if you are interested and we will contact you when we are placing our next order.

A comparable anvil is the SCOTT 100 lb with Turning Cams (its actually 105 lbs).

The JHM Certifier has a tapered, rounded heel with turning cams.  Built with a clip horn.

Need a large table for leveling?  The Certifier's table is 4" longer than other 100 lb anvil brands (ie the Scott 100/ 105 lb anvils)

JHM Anvils are USA built to the tightest tolerances in the industry.

The Certifier is a versatile professional quality anvil from JHM. Popular with farriers, blacksmiths, knifemakers, and ranchers.

Made from Alloyed Steel (ie- not cast iron), these anvils are the workhorses of the industry, with a world-famous working surface.

In 20 years of selling Anvils, JHM has been the gold standard of quality, craftsmanship, consistency, and value.  I've had other brands chip, break, and even shatter, but it's never a concern with JHM's quality and reliability.


  • Horn:  10.25"
  • Face:  16.5 x 4"
  • Base:  11 x 9"
  • Height:  9.5"
  • Hardie Hole:  1"
  • Pritchel Hole:  0.5"
  • Overall Length:  26.75"

NOTE:  we have sold hundreds of JHM anvils and have never had a single complaint or warranty issue.  I have done metallurgical assays on the anvils and I personally Rockwell Test every lot of anvils received for peace of mind nothing has escaped being tempered properly (...an issue with some OTHER manufacturers...)


It's recommended to dress the anvil's edges to a slight radius to help prevent sharp edges from cracking or chipping, especially by off strikes.  Wear eye protection near any working anvil. (Video Coming Soon).

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