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Introduction to Knifemaking By Steven Sells (Hardcover)

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Let an experienced bladesmith take you through the step by step process of making a knife, from a piece of steel to a finished and polished blade with a leather sheath. Second edition includes detailed explanations of how the the heat treating process works.

Book Reviews

This book is an unassuming gem in a plain wrapper. For the novice craftsman forging knives, this book is a "MUST" for your bookshelf. Why? Because this book is so packed with useful information that you will find yourself reading it again and again. I purchased a dozen other introductory books on knife making - and while all of the books contain useful information, THIS is the book to which I keep referring. The fantastic breath of information in this book is matched by the depth of information, which sets it apart from many of the other books on the subject. This book covers it all - in depth - everything from choosing your metal, the process of forging, heat treatments (normalizing, quenching & tempering), fashioning the tang, making the handle, sharpening and finally crafting a sheath. Okay - now I have to say something bad about this book. There are a lot of pictures, but they are 1 or 2 inch square black & white photos that are just too small. I implore the author to make the pictures larger! Larger photos would be the icing on a cake, but this cake is so good that it doesn't need icing. So buy this book anyway, and have fun. -H.

A complete coverage of the principal techniques and considerations of the craftsman made fix bladed knife. The discussion is simple, direct and makes every effort to preset all information at a level understandable by any reader. There is valuable additional information introduced over looked by other writers. This is not a book for the curious and dilettante hobbyist. It is intended for the person with experience in other metal crafts and will get those readers off to a running start.

I waited about a year for this book to get finished and published, I purchased 2 when it came out earlier this yr, one for my son plus for me. Found it very interesting and informative. Well worth the wait. I'm an amateur blacksmith but never tackled knives before. -D.G.

Great book just what I needed for reference. Will keep in my shop. -A.S.


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