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ICAR Race Track Nippers (12 & 14") - Sharp * ICAR Sale is Ending Soon

** Sale is ending soon.  **Special Pre-COVID pricing.  Special saves $50.

Sale ends as soon as they are ready to Air Ship or our Boxes.  

ICAR Race Track Nippers have a smaller head and a shorter distance from the bolt to the cutting edge than ICAR Classic Nippers. Less leverage is required to cut, making them easier and speedier to close. Made of the highest quality Italian tool steel and drop forged in Italy. These hoof nippers have a long-lived cutting edge and optimized leverage for better cuts with less force.

ICAR is a family run company officially founded in 1970 in Italy, with roots going back even further. The company was built on gaining the trust of the best industry professionals. Blending experience with a focus on high quality hot forging products, and undoubted reliability. 


  • Comfortable handles.  Quality feel.
  • Hot drop forged (hammered & hardened steel)
  • Optimized cutting-edge.  Thin Sharp Edge.
  • Smooth Action Rivet /Bolt Design.
  • Race & Mid Size Head ICAR nippers have a 20 mm deep bite.  (20% less than the Classic Smithy's for added mechanical advantage).

Size Available:

  • 12"
  • 14''

Race Nippers (& ICAR Mid Size Nippers) have blades with a single bevel and a 4mm (20%) shallower bite.  A sharp, finesse, easy to close on thinner walls.   The Race Track blades are 6mm shorter than ICAR's mid sized nipper (55 vs 61 mm). 

Nippers are being packed for air freight.


 Note: Cart items ship together, so order nippers alone if you need other goods delivered sooner. 


 Option:  Select 'In-store Pick-Up' and we'll call you once they arrive.  You can always have us send other items with the nippers when we contact you.


*Note:  The GE Nipper Ordering Event is over in hours.


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