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ICAR Smith's Race Track Nipper

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ICAR Race Track Nippers have a smaller head and a shorter distance from the bolt to the cutting edge than regular 14" nippers. Less leverage is required to cut, making them easier and speedier to close. Made of the highest quality Italian tool steel and drop forged in Italy. These hoof nippers have a long-lived cutting edge and optimized leverage for better cuts with less force.

ICAR is a family run company officially founded in 1970 in Italy, with roots going back even further. The company was built on gaining the trust of the best industry professionals. Blending experience with a focus on high quality hot forging products, and undoubted reliability.


  • Flexible and ergonomic handles, no sprung.
  • Hot drop forged.
  • Penetrating cutting edge shape.
  • Non-seizing bolt design.

Size Available:

  • 14''

Sold individually.


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