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Hoofjack® Cradle w/ Strap

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Replacement cradles w/strap available for each size of Hoofjack®Hoof Stand

Hoofjack® Mini Cradle:

  • Intended for use on miniature horses/donkeys. Designed to fit the Mini base.

Hoofjack® Medium Cradle:

  • Will accommodate ponies to small drafts, or draft crosses. Designed to fit the Medium Base.

Hoofjack® Standard Cradle:

  • Will accommodate ponies, small drafts, or draft crosses. Designed to fit in the Hoofjack® Standard Base.

Hoofjack® Draft Cradle:

  • Intended for hooves larger than a size 7 shoe, or if barefoot, larger than 7 3/4" at the widest part of the hoof. Designed to fit the Standard or Medium Base.

Sold individually.

Made in the USA.


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