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Hoof Hug Tape

Never fight with duct tape again! The hoof-shaped design easily conforms to your horse's foot with pre-cut folds and Ti-Bond adhesive for adhering to hoof walls and sole. Non-slip surface with a shark skin-like grip for superior ground contact for horses that are either barefoot or in shoes.


  • Sole Abscesses
  • Sores & Bruises.
  • Medicating 
  • Thrush
  • Thrown Shoe Protection
  • Hoof & Heel Cracks


  1. Must have a clean and dry hoof and sole.
  2. Use hoof packing on the sole area as needed (avoiding touching the hoof walls with packing).
  3. Peel paper from the back straight edge of Hoof Hug Tape 2''.
  4. Securely stick the exposed  2'' of tape to the rear hoof area of the foot.
  5. Peel off all paper backing, pulling from heel to toe until the hoof/sole is covered and adhered.
  6. Press the 2 Side Tape Tabs to both sides of the hoof wall firmly.
  7. Press the 2 Toe Tab from your Left to Right against the hoof toe area, overlapping each tab.
  8. Press firmly on all sides of the hoof for a uniform tight fit.


  • DO NOT place tape on sensitive skin area (cornet band) above hoof walls.
  • Horses with large feet or who are turned out may require 2 Hug Tapes per foot for added coverage and durability.
  • Designed for use in the stall or outdoor paddock turnout.
  • One size fits most horses.

Sold per pack (5 per package + instruction sheet).


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