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Heller Grip Rasp Handles

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Heller ergonomic GRIP rasp handles are popular with a little extra gentle hand grip compared to others.  

The 'regular' Heller ergonomic GRIP rasp handles fit all standard rasps (ie Bellotas, Original Legends, Save Edge, Pferd, etc.).

The BLUE WIDE Heller ergonomic GRIP Handles is made specifically for the two eXcel rasp styles (ORIGINAL eXcel & HELLER eXcel) which are a fraction wider than standard rasps.  Screw-on handles (below) will fit, but the 'Heller WIDE Grip Rasp Handle' is the ergonomic style handle made specifically for these two rasps.

All ergonomic rasp handles are a snug friction-fitting design.

Similar Ergonomic Slide on Farrier Rasp Handles includes the EQUITHOTICS SNEAKER and the CHAMELEON RED.


1.  Twist-on rasp handles (WOOD. Save Edge PLASTIC blueand the COMPOSITE by Diamond) universally fit any hoof rasp, but they extend farther back on the tang, making the rasp a little longer, and some people find they are not as secure.

2.  Allen Key secured Aluminum rasp handles similarly extend the length of the rasp/ handle pairing, but are infinitely more secure than twist-on handles, easier to swap than the tight friction fit of ergonomic handles, but colder in the winter. (DOUBLE S, NANRIC, ALUMINUM Std)

    Handles are Sold individually.


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