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Steel Ring Wedges - Universal Hammer & Tool Wooden Handle Repairs - 4 styles

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Quality steel Ssngle & double-ring wedges for securing hammer or tooling heads to wooden handles.

Suitable for Driving, Rounding, Claw, Flatters, or any hammer, hatchet, or wooden-handled hand tool.

Available in either single or longer double-lip designs, small and medium 

They are used in driving hammers everywhere, from Sweden, the UK, and America.  Found in hammers by Mustad, Jim Blurton, Handmade Tools, Diamond, Calvalry, Nunn, Etc. 

An international Standard.

Use small rings in driving hammers and medium rings in rounding hammers and those over 1.5 lbs.

Large Sledge hammers, Axes, etc often use multiple-ring wedges.

Available in both Single and Double-lip designs, based on preference.

Sold individually.

Also see 'Straght Weges - Universal for Hammer & Tool Handle Repairs (small & large)'.




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