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Hall Triple burner Forge - Manual start ETA HERE November 25

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High-quality and extremely well built from Hall Knife and Forge. These portable propane-fueled gas forges are often used by modern-day farriers and many blacksmiths. Solid, rugged, and fuel-efficient. From cold to working heat in 2 minutes. The Triple Burner equates to more even heat distribution.

Refractory board lining and cement base plate are rated to 2100°F - 2300°F respectively. Easy to operate and designed for low noise. All ready for you to attach to a propane tank and start forging. The firebrick liner is completely replaceable. 

BTU ratings are as follows:

  • 14970 BTUs to bring Hall Forges up to working heat in 2 minutes, and maximum recommended heat in 3 minutes.
  • This equates to 449,100 BTUs/hour running full out.

Styles Available:

  • Manual Start
  • Electric Start - add $60.00


  • Weight = 48 lbs (including hose and fittings).
  • Fire Box Interior = 10.5'' High x 7.5'' Wide x 4'' Depth
  • Fire Box Opening = 3'' High x 10.5'' Wide
  • Pass Through Side Ports = 2.75" Wide x 1.5" High

Hall 3 Burner Forge Includes:

  • Hose
  • 60 lb Regulator
  • Brass Fine Control Valve
  • Basic Safety Set Up Sheet

Pictured is the manual start forge.

Made in Alberta, Canada by Rick Hall.


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