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Hall Abscess Loop Knife

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The Hall Hoof Knife has been a leading brand of choice for farriers for over 25 years. Manufactured in small batches to maintain quality.

The superior sharpness of the blade is skillfully achieved in order to provide effective trimming of the frog and sole of the hoof, all while keeping the safety and comfort of the farrier in mind. Abscess knives or searchers are used to dig out a small hole to delicately drain an infected area without damaging the hoof integrity.

The blade is made of high carbon steel that is heat-treated and tempered through a time consuming/exacting process. This allows for maximum durability and edge retention, as well as ease of sharpening. It is then polished and mounted in an ergonomic handle milled from solid walnut and dipped in a linseed oil finish. Once pinned together it is stamped with the Hall signature mark. Great attention is paid to the fit and feel, with an emphasis on a comfortable position in the hand. Since each and every knife is hand made, Hall Knife and Forge stands by their product and offer a full limited guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Styles Available:

  • Small Abscess Loop
  • Large Abscess Loop

Made in Alberta, Canada.

Sold individually.


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