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GreenGuard Premium Breakaway Halter

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This breakaway halter is designed specifically for use with the GreenGuard muzzles. Premium quality with a soft-to-the-touch nylon halter with an adjustable under-throat design which adds greater security to keep the halter on even the trickiest "Houdini" equine.

Note: This is the Breakaway Halter ONLY, GreenGuard Muzzle sold separately.


  • Padded noseband with a leather breakaway crown.
  • The halter noseband has a center ring for attaching the front muzzle strap.
  • The center face strap connects the crown to the noseband to keep the halter stabilized.

Breakaway Halter Sizes Available:

  • Warmblood
  • Horse
  • Pony 
  • Small Pony
  • Mini

Made in the USA.  


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