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Graduated (Wedged) Hind Steel Horseshoes

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NOTE: These shoes are shaped like a FRONT, making them a great option for those who require a wedge/degree in a Front steel shoe.

The Graduated Hind Steel horseshoes are designed to fit the foot in a balanced fashion around the widest part (essentially the center of rotation of the coffin joint). In addition to balancing the shoe around the coffin bone, the Graduated Hind shoe has a unique wedged design with features that help keep the weight to a minimum.

This steel shoe has a 3-degree elevation in the heels with extended fullering that is deeper in the rear of the shoe. The heels have been pre-center punched for more easily drilling and tapping the shoe for studs. There are 6 nail holes per side for multiple nailing options.

Special Design Features:

  • Graduated (wedged) heel design.
  • Convex radius inner rim for optimal traction and reduced weight.
  • Well seated out past the toe-quarters to eliminate the chance of sole pressure.
  • Heel have been pre-boxed (safed).
  • Center punch mark in heels for easy drilling & tapping for studs.
  • Easy to shape/convert to a front shoe for horses requiring a steel degree Front shoe.

Sizes Available (Quarter Clipped Only):

  • Hind 00 = 4.50" Wide x 4.75" Long
  • Hind 0   = 4.75" Wide x 5.00" Long
  • Hind 1   = 5.00" Wide x 5.25" Long
  • Hind 2   = 5.25" Wide x 5.50" Long
  • Hind 3   = 5.50" Wide x 5.75" Long
  • Hind 4   = 5.75" Wide x 6.00" Long
  • Hind 5   = 6.00" Wide x 6.25" Long

Sold per pair (2 shoes). A full box = 10 pairs.


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