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Glue-U Shufill Silicone Yellow - Shore A40 - 250ml

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Shufill shock-absorbing silicone cushion available from Glue-U. A durable, but soft cushion support pad material. Please note this silicone is non-adhering and does best when trapped by either support mesh or a pad.

Also available in 4 other shores:

  • A10 Blue = Extra Soft
  • A20 Green = Soft
  • A25 Transparent = Medium
  • A30 Purple = Firm
  • A40 Yellow = Extra Firm

This extra firm silicone is good for placing at the heels and back of the frog when firmer support is needed.

Fill up to ground level for support of foundered and laminitis cases.
Different colours/shores can be layered through the pad to provide varying custom support throughout the sole.


Standard set time is 4 minutes, pending on weather conditions. Heating up Shufill shock absorber before use, speeds up setting time significantly. Temperature and humidity might have effect on the performance of this product.

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All products are Dutch engineered and made in Europe.

Sold individually.


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