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Glue-U Shufill Silicone Blue - Shore A10 - 250ml

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The softest Shufill shock-absorbing silicone cushion available from Glue-U. A durable, but soft cushion support pad material. Please note this silicone is non-adhering and does best when trapped by either support mesh or a pad.

Also available in 4 other shores:

  • A10 Blue = Extra Soft
  • A20 Green = Soft
  • A25 Transparent = Medium
  • A30 Purple = Firm
  • A40 Yellow = Extra Firm

The Blue A10 is extra, extra soft silicone perfect for horses with soreness at the toe and tip of the frog.

  • Fill up to ground level for support of foundered and laminitis cases.
  • Different colours/shores can be layered through the pad to provide varying custom support throughout the sole.


Standard set time is 4 minutes, pending on weather conditions. Heating up Shufill shock absorber before use, speeds up setting time significantly. Temperature and humidity might have effect on the performance of this product.

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All products are Dutch engineered and made in Europe.

Sold individually.


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