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Glue-U Shufill 2 Part Hoof Packing 660 ml

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This lightweight hoof filler is made for shock absorption and protection. Specially targeted for protecting the inner hoof and solar surface. Gather equal parts of product and mix together well and apply to underside of the hoof to set. To be applied under a pad or bar of the shoe.

  • Easily mixable and shape-able by hand.
  • Easy to cut which makes it applicable in many situations.

Color/Hardness Available:

  • Blue /Super Soft - Shore A 15
  • Pink /Soft - Shore A 25
  • Green/Medium - Shore A 35

Note: Temperature and humidity might have an effect on the performance of this product. Heating up Shufill Hoof Packing before use speeds up the setting time significantly.

All Glue-U products are Dutch engineered and made in Europe.

Sold as a 2 part set.


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