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GE Forge Classic Hoof Nippers (Stock Arrival ~ July 19th - limited avail)

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GE Forge Classic Hoof Nippers 14 & 15" (Stock Arrival ~ July 19th - limited)

G.E. Forge & Tool's hoof nippers are an industry standard for professionals. Combining durability with maximum wear resistance. The blades are aligned and sharpened by G.E. professionals, delivering a precision nip time after time. 

  • This ORIGINAL 'Classic' Nipper has a slightly deeper 'bite' than the EZ Nippers allows for a thicker cut when necessary.
  • The GE 12" Nipper for Foals & Minis is now exclusively manufactured in the EZ (Easy) style  12'' EZ Nipper.

GE Nipper Arrival ~ July 19th - limited

Note: Cart items ship together, so order nippers alone if you need other goods delivered sooner. 

Option:  Select 'In-store Pick-Up' and we'll call you once they arrive.  You can always have us send other items with the nippers when we contact you.

Sizes Available:

  • 14'' Classic
  • 15'' Classic

Note:  The Classic Race Track Nipper is also available here: Race Track 14'' Classic

Note:  The 'Classic' nipper was joined a few years ago by the GE EZ (Easy) Nippers.  The same great quality as the Classics, but by making the bite 2mm smaller and shifting the Rivet it makes the jaws easier to close.  The Reins near the Rivet on the EZ nippers are reinforced making them stronger, and an ounce or two heavier.


Backed by G.E. Forge's stellar warranty. Any product failing to meet G.E. standards needs to be reported to G.E. Forge & Tool by filling out the warranty form on their website: geforge.com/warranty-review. Made in the USA.

NOTE: ICAR Italian Nippers have a Big Sale Event.  Optional special coatings.


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