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GE Forge Hoof Curved Nail Clinchers (Shipment ETA July 19th - limited stock)

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Next shipment arrives ~ July 19th (limited stock)

The G.E. Curved Jaw Clincher, with its comfortable handles and overall balance, is an all-around clincher for everyday use. Made from chrome molybdenum steel, the teeth are heat-treated to hold their bite longer under heavy use. You'll enjoy the clinchers' trademarked comfort and relentless clinch time after time, horse after horse.

  • Perfect Jaw Angle: allow for a secure bite. and provide a perfect clinch with just a squeeze.
  • Dual Heat Treated: put through a dual heat treated process to ensure longer teeth and rivet life.

Next shipment arrives ~ July 19th (limited stock)

First ordered, first served.  Sorry, only a few are available.

Styles Available:

  • 14'' Low Nail, and
  • 14" Curved Jaw Clincher.

Backed by G.E. Forge's stellar warranty. Any product failing to meet G.E. standards needs to be reported to G.E. Forge & Tool by filling out the warranty form on their website: geforge.com/warranty-review

Made in the USA.


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