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FootPro DIM 20 Hoof Impression Material

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FootPro™ DIM Impression Material is a non-toxic, non-allergenic, dental-grade silicone that is hand mixed to a moldable consistency and applied to the bottom of the equine foot with a pad to provide either a soft cushion (DIM20) or a firm supportive material (DIM40) when needed.

FootPro™ DIM 20 provides cushion for issues such as; thin soles, sensitive frogs, or situations where you want to give the horse something very soft to stand on.  When support is preferred, FootPro™ DIM 40 is an excellent choice. It is most commonly used in the heel area to support the bony column.  Both materials satisfy the need for cushion or support or a little bit of both. Each individual unit box contains a total of 4 lbs. (2 lbs. Catalyst and 2 lbs. Base).


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