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Foal Rocker Cuff - club foot tx - by Nanric

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These rocker shoes greatly relieve DDFT (deep digital flexor tendon strain) in 'clubby' or upright hoof conditions, which decreases the pressure of the tip of the coffin bone (P3) at the tip of the sole.  This helps preserve bone and sole integrity and growth.

PLAN- trim by pushing the heel back (and lower) from the widest point of the foot.  Keratex antiseptic wax or similar (+/- copper sulfate powder) at the toe helps avoid abscesses, especially when bruising or fissures are present.

Apply with a hoof repair urethane (= to adhere) or a 1-2 oz jar of equilox.  Details and Tips will be coming to our resources section (link here once done).


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