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Flatland Forge E Head Forepunch/Stamp - Welded Handle

The Flatland Forge E Head Punch is made using S7 Tool Steel. Designed for safety, each tool is hardened only on the working end. The striking end (top of the tool) has been tempered back so it is slightly softer. This reduces the chances of chipping when struck by a wild hammer blow. With normal use, the tool is designed to mushroom slightly at the striking end. Maintenance-wise, the top of the tool should be dressed back with either a file or grinder depending on the amount of use. 

The punching end of the tool is hardened for maximum wear. You'll get the most longevity out of it by keeping the working end of the tool cool as it's being driven into hoot steel.

The Flatland Forge E Head Pritchel works well as a plain stamp, and as a drift for fullering.

Made in Tuscola, Texas.


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