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FDick Ascot Hoof Knife

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The FDick Ascot Knife is made of high-quality special carbon steel. This knife features a polished short straight blade with sharp cutting edge geometry for prolonged performance. The ergonomic rosewood handle in combination with the shape of the blade ensures the best dynamic effect. 

Each FDick Hoof Knife requires more than 20 single steps. Many of these steps, such as sharpening, polishing and fixing the handle, are made by hand and are carried out in their production sites in Germany. Besides quality controls during the production, all FDick products are subject to a strict final quality control before they leave the production facilities. 

Styles Available:

  • Right Hand
  • Left Hand

Blade = 2 1/2'' Long x 1/2'' Wide

Made in Germany.

Sold individually.


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