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Farriers' Fix Hoof Oil

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Developed by Farriers for Farriers. A topical treatment that benefits the entire hoof from the coronary band, to the sole and frog. 

Helps Promote:

  • Toughening of the sole and the hoof.
  • Hardening of the exterior hoof wall.
  • Promotes a healthy moisture balance, can assist in preventing thrush.
  • Helps to draw out soreness from horses suffering from stone bruises, or being trimmed too short.
  • Works well with many poultices, and packing to enhance the healing process.
  • Benefits barefoot horses and ponies with tender feet.
  • An ideal treatment for horses that are racing, jumping, and/or working on adverse surfaces.
  • Can assist in relieving soreness associated with laminitis while fighting the bacteria that gets into the laminae.

Made of Primarily Natural Ingredients that Allow the Foot to Breathe:

  • Venice Turpentine - An antiseptic that threats thrush and some of the bacteria that causes white line disease.  It also toughens the hoof, making it more resilient to adverse footing conditions.
  • Cod Liver Oil - Helps to balance the moisture content and keep the hoof malleable. Cod liver oil is an excellent source of Vitamins A & D.
  • Wintergreen Oil - A catalyst that helps all the ingredients penetrate the hoof capsule is very effective in drawing out soreness. Plus as an added benefit, it makes Farriers’ Fix smell nice!
  • Safflower Oil - Works with the Cod Liver Oil to balance the moisture content, and contains Vitamin E.

Size Available:

  • 473 ml Bottle + Brush in Handle

Directions for use on the bottle.

Made in the USA.

 Sold individually.


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