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Farrier's Choice Pack Seal Soft

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The Farrier's Choice Pack-Seal Soft professional blend from Castle Plastics is an all in one fast curing urethane based adhesive. Specifically designed to cushion the hoof, it cures soft and stays soft.


  • 30 second set time.
  • Soft Pad/packing synthetic that remains soft once cured.
  • Same strong urethane bond as the Pack-Seal.
  • Essential for thin soles and deep commisures.
  • Can be used with a pad.
  • Provides cushion that will absorb shock on any surface.

Size Available:

  • 210 ml (7.1 fl oz) Cartridge

Packaged in a high quality, heavy duty plastic cartridge that fully locks into the applicator gun from the side. No mess, easy application with a twist-off cap that allows the cartridge to be resealed between uses.

Mixing tips and dispensing gun separately.

Made in the USA.

Sold Separately.



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