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Equimix Mini Ultra Fast Hoof Bond & Repair - 50 ml

The same great Ultra-Fast, now in 50ml mini cartridges. Compact and lightweight, great for taking in your emergency kit up to the mountains.

Note, this cartridge does require its own re-usable dispensing applicator which makes the application a breeze.

Ultra Fast is Equimix's rapid (35 second) curing adhesive. When speed is of the utmost importance. Common applications include:

  • Hoof wall repair.
  • Bonding glue-on shoes.
  • Foal Extensions.
  • Temporary custom shoes.
  • Changing heel angles.

Set Time:

  • 35 second working time.
  • 3-minute full cure.
  • Sets up very firm Shore 80 D.

Sizes Available:

This product is also available in 178 ml and 210 ml cartridges.

Color Option:

  • Clear

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Made in Italy.

Sold separately.


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