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Equimix Ultra Fast Hoof Bond & Repair - Shore 80 D

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Comparable to Vettec's Super Fast; Equimix 178 ml cartridges fit the 160 cc Vettec dispensing guns, and uses the same mixing tips.

The larger Equimix 210 ml cartridges fit the 210 ml Farrier's Choice dispensing guns and tips.

Equimix is a well established European brand that has been around for years, and is now available on the North American market.

Ultra Fast is Equimix's rapid (35 second) curing adhesive. When speed is of the utmost importance. Common applications include:

  • Hoof wall repair.
  • Bonding glue-on shoes.
  • Foal Extensions.
  • Temporary custom shoes.
  • Changing heel angles.

Set Time:

  • 35 second working time.
  • 3 minute full cure.
  • Sets up very firm Shore 80 D.

Sizes Available:

  • 178 ml Cartridge + 1 Mixing Tip 
  • 210 ml Cartridge + 1 Mixing Tip 

Colour Option:

  • Clear

Click here for application information.

Made in Italy.

Sold separately.


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