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Equimix Pad Comfort Shore 40 A

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All Equimix products are available in the 2 most common cartridge sizes and fit the 2 most common dispensing guns/mixing tips on the market. You no longer need to purchase an all-new dispensing system. All Cartridges include one mixing tip.

Comparable to Vettec's Equi-Pak Soft

Equimix is a well established European brand that has been around for years and is now available on the North American market. 

Equimix 178 ml cartridges fit the old red Vettec dispensing guns and use the same mixing tips.

The larger Equimix 210 ml fits the Farriers Choice dispensing guns and use the same mixing tips.

The Hoof Pad is their rapid curing (45 seconds) 2 part liquid urethane pad that absorbs shock and impact. Designed specifically for horse hoof care, it offers support and protection for flat-footed or thin-soled horses. 

  • Leaves the frog in perfect condition.
  • Provides soft cushioning.
  • Hardness rated at Shore 40 A = Soft.

Set Time

  • 45 second working time.
  • 3-minute full cure.

Size Available:

  • 178 ml Cartridge + 1 Mixing Tip - use this gun
  • 210 ml Cartridge + 1 Mixing Tip - use this gun

Color Option:

  • Natural

Click here to see Hoof Pad application options.

Made in Italy.

Sold separately.


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