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Equimix Hoof Pad - Shore 60 A

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Equimix is a well-established European brand that has been around for years and is now available in the North American market at a competitive price. 

  • Comparable to Vettec's Equi-Pak.
  • The Equimix 200 ml cartridges fit the common 200 ml dispensing guns and tips.

The Hoof Pad is their rapid curing (45 seconds) 2-part liquid urethane pad that absorbs shock and impact. Designed specifically for horse hoof care, it offers support and protection for flat-footed or thin-soled horses. 

  • Leaves the frog in perfect condition.
  • Provides soft cushioning.
  • Hardness rated at Shore 60 A = Firm.

Set Time

  • 45-second working time.
  • 3-minute full cure.

Sizes Available:

  • 178 mlCartridge includes 1 Mixing Tip
  • 210 mlCartridge includes 1 Mixing Tip

Color Option:

  • Natural

Click here to see Hoof Pad application options.

Made in Italy.


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