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Equimix Adhesive Square Board Pad - Each

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Simple, yet effective. The perfect assist to help you create a level pour-in pad.

  1. Simply peel off the backing, and stick to the underside of the hoof.
  2. Then pour in your preferred silicone/pad material through the gap at the heel bulbs of the foot. 
  3. Wrap a bit of plastic wrap around the foot to prevent it all from leaking out.
  4. Set the foot down BEFORE it has completely set up so it custom forms to the sole/frog (compression of the frog will also squeeze any excess out from the gap at the heels bulbs, preventing a high point/ball of pressure).
  5. Once your pad material has set up, just peel off the square board.


  • Seals and supports pour in/injectable silicone, urethane.
  • Recesses material from ground level for traction.
  • Evenly distributes material over the surface of the foot.
  • No material ends up as a "high" point to create sole pressure.
  • Easy to apply, and easy to remove.

Sold individually.


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