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Dispensing Gun for Equilox Cartridges - 420 ml - Special Order Item

This heavy-duty dispensing gun puts the product exactly where you need it, and provides extra control to get the job done right. The applicator tips, in conjunction with the dispensing gun, help you to avoid adding air to the mix to allow the cured adhesive to achieve its best physical characteristics.

Compatible With:

  • Equilox I or Equilox II Adhesive 420 ml Cartridges.

Simple To Use:

  1. Push forward on the steel tab under the plunger on the back of the handle.
  2. While holding the tab, pull the plunger all the way back.
  3. Insert your cartridge directly from the top (with a mixing tip already applied).
  4. Squeeze the handle to move the plunger up until it's fully butted up against the back of the cartridge, and then dispense as necessary.
  5. Repeat to remove the cartridge.


Always dispense a small amount of product out onto something disposable prior to applying. This ensures that everything is coming through the tip evenly mixed.

Click here for compatible mixing tips

Sold individually.


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