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Equilox 1 Adhesive 'Stubbie' 150 ml (5.07 oz) Cartridge

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The Equilox 1 is their slower-setting formula adhesive hoof repair system. It is a flexible resin that can be used for anything from:

  • glue-on shoes
  • restoring hoof wall integrity
  • major hoof reconstruction
  • patching cracks
  • foal extensions
  • preventing infection

Once applied, Equilox sets up in minutes. When cured the hoof can then be rasped, nailed, and trimmed just like a natural hoof wall. The Stubbie is sufficient for a once-off application and manageable to use.

Set Time: sets up in 6 - 8 minutes, final cure in 10 -13 minutes at 21° Celsius.

Shelf Life: at least 6 months from the fill date on the label, longer if kept refrigerated.

Note: the 150 ml cartridge fits into a regular caulking gun with a required 'Stubbie' adapter. Recommended use with the Large Applicator Mixing Tips. 

The Equilox Advantage:

  • remains flexible enough after curing to be filed and shaped.
  • superior tensile strength remains intact while enduring tremendous wear & tear.
  • long-lasting & resilient remains bonded to the hoof for up to 8 weeks or more.
  • once cured it maintains the same properties as the hoof wall and can be rasped, nailed, & trimmed.
  • grows out with the hoof wall, & can be trimmed off.
  • cures faster with a lack of oxygen (wrapping the hoof), & when heat is applied. Alternatively, refrigerate to lengthen the cure time.
  • contains an etching agent specifically for glue-on aluminum shoes, so footwear goes in place and, once cured, stays there.


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