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Equicast Wood Therapeutic Clog with Leather Rim Pad

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Dr. Mike Steward's Wooden Shoes or Clogs are used to treat many hoof problems from:

  • founder
  • laminitis
  • white line disease
  • broken coffin bones
  • long toe low heel syndrome
  • or just to develop a better hoof

A walking rehabilitation program is encouraged with these shoes on to enhance circulation, which helps to grow a proper hoof. 

Select the right size shoe, then place the hoof onto the shoe then attach it with glue, or screws while the horse is standing on the shoe. Screws seem to be the best method.

Once the shoe has been attached to the hoof it is now time for the DIM (2 part Dental impression material) such as Soundhorse Hoof Pack. Place the DIM hoof pack on the back of the heel from the widest part of the hoof to protect the heel bulbs from the casting material. Stretch wrap the DIM and let cure for about 5 minutes then remove the stretch wrap and cast with Equicast.

Adhesives and Casting Tape sold separately.

Click here for a YouTube tutorial on APPLICATION METHOD. Note: EVA/Wood and EVA/Foam shoe application are similar.

Made in the USA.

Sold per pair.


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