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Equicast Hoof Casting Tape

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Equicast is a unique casting material designed with specific properties for application on the horse's hoof. It's unlike orthopedic casting in that Equicast has a much higher resin content, which accommodates for wear resistance. Equicast also has a special weave pattern which allows for the malleability of the casting material to the hoof.

Use to apply the Equicast therapeutic shoes/clog, or to the hoof wall for the treatment of hoof problems. Equicast should be applied by a hoof care professional.

Available in 3 sizes:

2" x 4 Yards - Recommended for horses up to 1100 pounds

3" x 4 Yards - Recommended for horses from 1100 - 1300 pounds

4" x 5 Yards - Recommended for horses over 1300 pounds

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