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A complete Set of 4 replacement elastics for securing the velcro straps on one pair of Soft-Ride Boots.  Each boot has two straps, so you need 4 elastics per pair of boots.

Note 1:  One size of elastic fits ALL sizes of boots.

Note 2:  In a pinch, you can use tape wrapped completely around the bootstraps to secure them.  In wet or snowy conditions, a bit of 'hockey tape' can be used to secure the loose end of the tape.  Other tapes can also work, but use 'cohesive' tapes carefully.  For example, 'Vetrap' sticks to itself but nothing else, and over time it is more likely to slide up the boot onto the leg, it can cause trouble if it gathers into a narrow strap, tightens, and 'cords' the horse's leg.  Adhesive tapes, like Elastoplast, stick to everything, and are safer, especially when not observed frequently.

Note 3:  If you purchase elastics when we are out of stock, they will be shipped upon receipt of our next order, typically monthly (q 2-6 weeks).

Sold per pack (4 elastics).


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