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EasyBoot New Mac per pair

Every New Mac horse boot has a unique hi-tech performance outsole and incorporates the patented Hoof Suspension System. The New Mac is composed of a specially developed Thermo Plastic Urethane (TPU) compound which minimizes concussion and shortens recovery time for horses with concussion-related injuries.

The New Mac is a great option for pleasure riding (less than 25 miles per week) and can also serve as a therapy boot. If your horse suffers from any of the following - arthritis, pedal bone fractures, navicular disease, ringbone, laminitis (founder), bruised soles, or scalping from overreaching the New Mac horse boot will benefit your horse.

These boots are sold by the PAIR!

**We have some sizes in stock. Only size 6 & 7 left!

Size 6 width (5 1/8"- 5 5/16") x length (5 5/16"- 5 1/2")

Size 7 width (5 5/16"- 5 1/2") xlength (5 1/2" x 5 11/16")

** Final Sale

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