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Easy-Measure® Height & Weight Tape

This durable multi-use measuring tape features:

  • Height on one side in both hands and centimeters (up to 20 Hands).
  • Weight on the other in both pounds and kilograms (up to 1398 lbs).
  • Suitable for both horses and ponies (not large enough for some draft breeds).
  • Made of unbreakable, 1 1/4'' wide flexible vinyl-coated nylon that wipes clean.
  • Instructional diagrams are included on the tape itself.

Measuring Height = Starting at the base of the hoof, run the tape straight up vertically to the point of the withers.

Determining Weight =Place the tape just behind the withers, and wrap it around the barrel of the horse. It is important to ensure you are measuring around the girth area, NOT the belly.

Perfect for:

  • Tracking growth & development.
  • Accurately monitoring weight, especially those on special diets.
  • Economical quick daily conditioning guide.

Sold individually.


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