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Cody James Dymondback Rasp

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This unit includes the Cody James Frame, as well as the Medium Blade Insert. Cody James recommends starting with a fine or medium insert as it's easier to transition from a standard rasp. Have minis? Try the Cody James Littlefoot
  • This rasp does not clog.
  • The wide surface makes leveling a foot more accurate.
  • Patented design cuts quicker & easier which reduces wear and tear on the body. 
  • Lasts 3 - 6x longer than the average rasp, making it the most economical rasp on the market.
  • Just replace the blade when needed, not the frame.
  • Meant for removing the bottom of the hoof, not for the purpose of finishing/top dressing.

Replacement inserts are available in 3 different blade grade options:

  • Fine 
  • Medium
  • Most Aggressive


  • 18 1/2'' Long x 2 1/4'' Wide x 3/8'' Thick  (Cutting surface = 2'' x 14'').

Rasp Handle Options (Sold Separately):

The Cody James Rasp has a larger tang than most standard rasps. Most Drive-On style handles may not fit, but they do fit the majority of Twist-On style handles such as:

Made in the USA from the highest quality steel.

*Handles, End Caps, and Replacement Blades are sold separately*


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