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DOC'S STICKY LACE - Waxed 4 Ply Drain-Void maker for Acrylic Hoof Patches

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Acrylic Patches are a wonderful tool when needed to repair a damaged or injured hoof wall needing stability. 

There are situations where a patch would be great, but you hesitate.  Is the crack seeping, or the resection bleeding, or is there infection, or an actively swelling bruise?

It's all good.  Patch away - if you have a drain.  These conditions call for applying an acrylic repair (with or without a patch) over an antiseptic, sticky, wax-impregnated, void-forming cord drain.  This ensures no acrylic will be at risk of sealing that which needs to drain.

The build-up of pressure from any cause can cause excruciating pain in minutes.  This can be from blood or serum drainage, pressure from an abscess, or even a thick patch next to sensitive laminae allowed to cure at full temperature causing thermal scalding and subsequent swelling. 

It's never a call you want.  The day after a masterpiece of creative reconstruction you hear the horse can't put any weight on his foot and is 'abscess lame', a term describing a leg so sore you'd think it's broken, except it's not.  Pressure contained within a hoof capsule that does not expand is excruciating.  You are then faced with creatively draining the foot or removing your new patch.

All of this would have been avoided with a simple waxed cord drain.  Secure the drain in the depth of the crack, apply the patch, and remove the drain in 15 minutes once all is cured.  Thats it. 

Using a stiff, sticky antiseptic wax, you don't get grease on your hoof, and its eyelet and strength afford its simple use, and effectiveness.

Tip - a quick flash of a heat gun will make the wax sticky even when freezing.  A quick flame works too, but be careful, it's not explosive, but it can burn.

Used beneath hundreds of patches by Doc, it's a Canadian Forge & Farrier Special.


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