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Docs Favorite Diamond Tapered Farrier Knife Sharpener

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This sharpener, in conjunction with Doc's customized speedy sharp carbide sharpener, are the two sharpeners we use most to maintain an edge.  

Sharpening Tips / Resources coming soon.

This conical & retractable Diamond Retractable Sharpener by Smith is designed to sharpen all types of knives, including serrated ones. Especially useful to sharpen the loop or curl of farrier knives.  

  • Unbreakable, diamond-coated steel rod
  • Optimal 400 grit diamonds - fused in multiple layers.
  • Reversible, Adjustable Length. 
  • Pocket clip for easy storage.
  • Tapered Conical, Round, Flat & Grooved - for versatility.
  • Protective orange aluminum case.
  • (It even has a groove for resharpening fishing hooks!)

You can keep your knife extremely sharp with these tools.  If you want to add a fast razor's edge, consider one of our knife sharpening buffing kits.


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