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Derek Poupard Hoof Cast

Derek Poupard Hoofcast is a casting tape that offers temporary wear protection and support to the whole hoof capsule. The product consists of a lightweight fiberglass cloth that when impregnated with water, activates a resin that will make it into a strong reinforcement for the hoof.

DRY TECHNIQUE It is wrapped dry with the help of adhesive holding the first layer, then wetted to activate the resin and cure it. The dry technique provides much greater working time and control by allowing the user the choice of when to activate and cure the resin. A regular horseshoe can be nailed onto this reinforced wall repeatedly without affecting the compromised hoof wall. 

Available Sizes:

  • 2" x 4 Yards - Recommended for horses up to 1100 pounds.
  • 3" x 4 Yards - Recommended for horses from 1100 - 1300 pounds.

For instructions on how to apply see Hoofcast.com



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