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Michel Vaillant JMD Onionix Aluminum Horseshoes

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Designed by Professor Jean-Marie Denoix, the Onionix shoe has large heels providing increased ground bearing surface. Reduces stress on the distal sesamoid bone and on the deep digital flexor tendon. Reduces general stress on the podotrochlear apparatus. Reduces pressure and increases comfort on heels.


  • Wide surface in contact with foot and large heels to distribute loads.
  • Limited heel penetration on compacted and penetrable grounds.
  • Protects bars and heels.
  • Distributes loads.
  • Large bevel on outer rim to increase rolling.


  • Reduces the stresses on the navicular bone and the deep digital flexor tendon. Generally, reduces the stress on the suspensory apparatus.
  • Reduces pressure and increases heel comfort.


  • Grade 1 navicular syndrome.
  • Deep digital flexor tendon or carpal canal pathologies.
  • Sensitive heels, heel abscesses, bruising.
  • Limits sinking of the heels into penetrable and compacted ground.
  • Protects the bars and the heels.
  • Distributes the load.
  • Big bevel on the outer rim to promote rolling of the toe and quarters.
  • Useful for Podotrochlear Syndrome grade 1.
  • Pathology of the deep digital flexor tendon and accessory ligament (distal check ligament).
  • Sensitivity on heels, abscesses on heels, bruises.

Style Available:

  • Fronts = 3 Clips

Non-tempered grade: can be used for risk-free hot shoeing up to 450°C.

Clips are able to be ground off for customization.

Thickness 10 mm for wear resistance.

Made in France.

Sold per pair (2 shoes).


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