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Michel Vaillant JMD Asymetrix - Front - Each

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Note: These shoes are sold as singles (one shoe)

Designed by Professor Jean-Marie Denoix. The Asymetrix shoe has branches of different widths: one wide branch with an onion heel and one narrow beveled branch. Made from 10mm thick hi-tech non-tempered aluminum alloy can be used for risk-free hot shoeing up to 450°C.


  • The wide branch with onion provides support by limiting sinking on compacted and penetrable grounds.
  • The narrow beveled branch increases sinking on penetrable ground (enlarged surface under the heel on the foot side for more comfort ).
  • Beveled outer rim at toe and toe quarter opposite to the lesion to increase rolling.


  • Depending on the application of the shoe (medial or lateral wide branch): re-balances the foot in case of lateral or medial overload.
  • Re-balances the joints in case of deviation of the distal limb.
  • Reduces tension on collateral ligaments.


  • Distal Limb deviation: valgus or varus (medial wide branch if valgus or lateral wide branch if varus).
  • Subchondral compression bone lesions (narrow branch on the side of the lesion to reduce pressure).
  • Desmopathy of collateral ligaments (wide branch on the side of the lesion to reduce tension).

Styles Available:

  • Fronts = 3 Clips
  • Hinds = 2 Clips

Comes with clips that can be ground off with customization.

**Sold as each (1 Shoe)*** Select which side the wide supporting branch needs to be on when the horse is wearing the shoe.


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