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Deck-Cast: Molten Metal Spill Pad Flooring Refractory - Special Order

A High-strength, abrasion-resistant castable, DECK CAST is uniquely engineered for areas where molten steel or iron is splashed.  It's rated to temperatures up to 2400°F. It is typically applied to spill pad inlays in concrete floors, such as pouring decks, rubble pits, casting floors, or any other place where regular concrete is inadequate.

This is a special order product and must be purchased in minimum volumes of 33 fifty lb bags (This translates to 13 cubic feet) or a pad 10' x 5' x 3" thick.

This is unique because Deck Cast does not need the heat cure 'dry out' cycle that most refractories require.  The incremental heat up to 1200°F in a furnace that most refractories require to 'set' isn't a requirement of Deck Cast.  It can be poured, and it's done.

It's often a preferred product in this field because of its final characteristics and its industry-leading value.

Deck-Cast is manufactured with each order.  Manufacturing is typically 14 days from payment, and Delivery follows. 

We can ship from the factory (Northeast US) directly to save on transport and make it economical to provide stock nationwide.

NOTE:  Freight is not included in pricing, because it has to be quoted specifically for your needs after purchase.  Our customs brokers and freight partners streamline this process and it can save hundreds or more.  


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