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Dalric Modified Ultimate per pair

Providing this device as an emergency aid can greatly reduce or prevent displacement (rotation and/or sinking) of the coffin bone. Extensive venogram studies have shown a direct relationship between DDF (Deep Digital Flexor) laxity and improved circulation to the laminae and sole corium. Enhancing blood flow to compromised feet is the first step to enhancing the healing environment. Time is always of the essence. For best results, always consider acute laminitis an emergency, regardless of how quickly the horse responds to medication.

Reducing the DDF tension should be considered once the sole growth is steadily increasing, the horse is sound, no anti-inflammatory medication has been needed for several days to weeks and there is no noticeable increase in digital pulse. Do not be in a hurry to reduce the mechanics.


  • One piece cuff and base wedge designed to offer problem-free wean down process.
  • Efficient mechanical breakover that can be further enhanced if necessary with rasp or grinder. Simply rasp the breakover farther back if needed to soften the DDF.
  • Strong, thick base once bottom pad is removed. 
  • Second pad offers approximately 18 degree palmar angle (PA), very similar to the original Modified Ultimate. To remove one pad, simply remove the four screws securing it.


Size Maximum Foot Width
5 4.25"
6 4.33"
7 4.75"
8 5"
9 5.5"
10 5.75"
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