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Dalric Medial/Lateral Extension Foal Cuff Shoes - size 1 on their way

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Used for correcting angular limb deformities in foals which are a deviation from the normal alignment of the limb when viewed from either in front or from behind. Front limbs are more commonly affected, but they can also be seen in the hinds.

Most common deformities occur in the knees (CORPUS). The second most common are ankle (FETLOCK) deviations. The hock (TARSUS) is the third most common and is associated with the term 'Windswept', an abnormality where limbs are slanted in one direction in one limb (valgus), and in the opposite direction (varus) with the other.

Lateral Extensions for Correcting Inward/Medial (Varus) Deviations:

  • 'Toed In or Pigeon Toed' = Fetlock Varus (Ankle). 
  • 'Bow Legged or Offset' = Corpal Varus (Knee).
  • 'Bowed Hocks' = Tarsal Varus (Hock).

Medial Extensions for Correcting Outward/Lateral (Valgus) Deviations:

  • 'Knock-Kneed' = Corpal Valgus (Knee).
  • 'Cow-Hocked' = Tarsal Valgus (Hock).

Optimal correction requires early application with a window from birth to  2 months due to early physeal (growth plate) closure.

Please note this shoe has little to no effect on valgus rotational deformities. This deformity often appears to be an outward deviated fetlock which is extremely rare in developing young horses.

Reasons for Use:

  • Easy to apply (adjustable).
  • Dramatic results when used early.
  • Enhances dynamic stability.
  • Relieves stress on young bones.
  • Minimizes hoof and joint distortion.


  • Remove shoes as recommended to avoid the unwarranted pinching effect.
  • Re-setting or reusing the extension is NOT recommended. There is a felt liner inside the cuff that acts as a release membrane, so that when you remove the cuff, it does not pull at the hoof wall.


  • Size #1 = Fits foals 1 - 6 weeks, maximum foot width 3''
  • Size #2 =  Fits foals 6 - 12 weeks, maximum foot width 3 1/2''
  • Size #3 -  has aluminum Plate - Maximum Foot Width 3.75" 

Click here for application instructions for sizes #1 and #2.

Click here for application instructions for size #3


Use Equilox for the strongest bond, or an Equimix Adhere Urethane for a faster setting glue (Superfast or Ultrafast is too fast).  Budget a 1-2 oz single-use jar of Equilox per foot.

Rapid-set glues can heat while curing. Especially when thickly applied & can scald tiny hooves. Monitor the temp with your hands. A cool damp cloth can be applied to pull out some heat if required.

I like applying Keratex putty (an antiseptic wax) or a hoof packing (with copper sulfate powder added) to the white line & sole prior to having it sealed with adhesives.

Sold in pairs (2 cuffs). Adhesive is sold separately.


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