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Custom Refractory Castings - Fireplace Panels, etc...

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Do you have broken fire bricks or refractory panels in your stove or fireplace that can no longer be sourced?

We can supply you with the needed materials or build the parts for you, as either custom single-use or multiple-release molds and cast refractories to suit your needs and them to your precise dimensions.  We can even send you the molds to keep if you wish.

Projects are quoted specifically.

This 'quote' is provided as a service for which we charge 5 cents, which is so that we can capture all your contact info and keep track of our conversations.  

Details are great, including estimates of temperatures or what is being burned (wood, propane, coal, etc.), photos, what you need, approximate dimensions are helpful to start, and more pictures!

You can send photos and more details to :

our dedicated TEXT number: 587-401-2288

email: support@canadianforge.com

or call our office 780-470-0789 (1-888-470-0010).

Talk with you soon.

/Doc Sean - (the refractory guy)



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